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Fly of the Month 2014

December 2014

“Modified Patriot Dry Fly ” by Elias Todd


Hook: Mustad 9671 or 7957B #10 - 16
Thread: Danville Fine Momofilament or Danville Flat Waxed Nylon White Tail: Brown or Tan Hackle Fibers
Body: Silver or Hologram Crystal Flash and Red Floss, also coat the body with several coats of clear “Hard as Nails” nail polish.
Wing: White Hen neck feather tied upright
Hackle: Brown

It’s my favorite fly on the Musky, the Pequest, Ken Lockwood Gorge and the Connetquot.

November 2014

“Bead-Head Antron Prince” by Ron Ruskai


Hook: Nymph 1x Long Size:8 - 14
Thread: Uni 8/0 Black
Bead: Tungsten Gold (Sized to Hook)
Tail: Dark Brown Antron (Cut Short)
Body: Peacock Herl
Rib: Fine Gold Wire
Wing: White Antron
Beard: Brown Hen Soft Hackle

This is my early season go to nymph. I have replaces the biots with Antron because Antron is very durable plus the Antron is very translucent giving the fly the right look. I fish it dead drift or using the Leisenring lift.

October 2014

“Sideways Ant” by Agust Gudmundsson


Hook: Temco 102Y or 103BL Barbless
Size: 7 -21
Thread: Uni 8/0 Black
Body: Black Foam
Hackle: Black (Cheap stuff specifically avoid the good #1 Whiting)
Variarions: (Use red or brown thread, foam and hackle.)

A dead simple pattern to tie, the unique profile makes it especially effective over heavily fished areas. This has been my most productive Pequest fly over the past 8-10 years. I'll tie it in less than a minute!

June 2014

“Apple Core Caddis” by Agust Gudmundsson

Central Jersey Trout Unlimited fly tier Agust Gudmundsson ties his Apple Core Caddis.


Hook: TMC 2487 or similar 1x fine scud hook
Size: 14 - 16
Thread: Uni 8/0 Insect Green
Dubbing: Green Super Fine
Wing: Partridge or Grouse body feather. (Can use z-lon if preferred.)
Variation: Yellow thread and dubbing with dun wing, makes a decent Yellow Sally.

Spent apple caddis are a staple in the Catskills between the early hatches and the big drakes of June. This pattern is a great low profile parachute pattern of fishing in the film when the big fish are sipping. The technique is also effective for all low profile caddis and the yellow variation is an effective Yellow Stonefly pattern.

May 2014

“Hendrickson Improved Sparkle Dun” by George Mertens

Central Jersey Trout Unlimited fly tier George Mertens ties his Hendrickson Improved Sparkle Dun.

Hook: TMC 100 or equivalent Size 12 -16
Thread: Cahill Yellow Uni-Thread 8/0
Body: Fly-Rite Poly dubbing, mix #27 and #39 (Light Hendrickson and Slate Drake blends)
Trailing Shuck: Mayfly brown crinkle Zelon over amber CDC
Wing: Compara-Dun deer hair backed with dun colored Micro-Zelon

Favorite fly because: "Almost all of my dry flies are Comparadun or Parachute fly flies because of the way they ride low in the surface film. Mostly important, it catches more difficult fish during the hatch than any other fly I use". - George Mertens

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February 2014

“Cinnamon Caddis Emerger” by Dick Turse

Central Jersey Trout Unlimited fly tier Dick Turse ties his Cinnamon Caddis Emerger.

Hook: Temco 100 or equivalent Size 14 -16
Thread: Uni 8/0 Rust
Body: Cinnamon (Rust Brown) Dry-fly dubbing
Rib: Crystal Flash
Wing: Cinnamon (Rust Brown) CDC or Z-Lon

This fly should be fished in the film during a hatch. It has been very productive on the Missouri River in Montana. I prefer the CDC wing but Z-Lon also works well. The fly was originally tied with Swiss Straw wing, but this is a pain to tie and the fish ruin it very quickly. Of course, one can change the colors to suit their particular hatch. -Dick Turse

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January 2014

“Thread-Bodied Parachute Baetis” by Bill Ninke

Central Jersey Trout Unlimited fly tier Bill Ninke ties his version of the Baetis Thread-Bodied Parachute dry fly.


Hook: TMC 100 or TMC 101 (preferred)
Thread: Olive Danville 6/0
Tail: Grizzly Hackle Fibers
Wing: Light Gray (Dun) Poly Yarn 1/2 strand for #18, less for #20 and #22
Body: Tying Thread
Hackle: Grizzly, slightly oversized

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